Jun 11 2014

What Support Means

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Support means that this month we were able to pay our electricity bill (around $200 per month here in Hawaii!) Thank you! We were able to enjoy a wonderful anniversary date celebrating 11 years of marriage at a lovely, local cafe. Thank you! We are now planning Jovi’s birthday party…a great way to get to know people by having them over for a meal and its because of your financial support that we are able to do that. Thank you! Our children are quickly growing and we are keeping our eyes peeled at Goodwill and garage sales for little girl clothes. Thank you! Our 2 big girls are also learning to read and write and we are able to purchase homeschool supplies to educate our children at home as God has called us to do. Thank you! We will welcome Baby #4 in about 3 months and will need to do some carseat rearranging in our minivan. This will require purchasing new carseats that can fit 3 across and also an infant carseat for the new baby. Carseats are not cheap. Thank you! Before we moved, we had a huge (very successful) garage sale and sold all of our baby clothes and items. So with this baby, we will be starting fresh and and purchasing (and requesting) some much needed items. Thank you! We are SO thankful God has provided for our needs through faithful people like you. If you have not yet committed to financially supporting us, monthly or with a one time gift, we ask that you consider getting your family involved in Mission: Kona Coast. Your financial gifts allow us to accomplish what God has called us to do…bring His love to a community who desperately needs it.

Mahalo for your financial and prayer support!


The Mason Ohana

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