Dec 25 2014

Baby, Its Cold Outside

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Mele Kalikimaka…from the land where palm trees sway! You know how the song goes. But it gets cool in Waimea and we are enjoying our wood burning fireplace. Celebrating Christmas on a tropical island is…different. Wonderful in many ways but also quite difficult with our friends and family so very far away. Despite missing our usual traditions, we are making new ones. We were blessed to enjoy a staff and board Christmas sushi dinner in early December. All sushi homemade and handcrafted by KCN’s Pastor and family! It was truly amazing and very special. We felt loved and appreciated. The Hawaii Pacific District Superintendent and his wife joined us from Oahu which also made it memorable. Waimea has an annual Twilight Christmas parade that we weren’t able to see but we hear its amazing and look forward to catching it next year. Just a few days ago, we surprised the girls with tickets to a local performance of The Nutcracker as one of their Christmas gifts. It was performed at the Kahilu Theater right in Waimea and was well done. (It was no Chicago Joffrey Ballet but we’ll take what we can get.) The girls dressed up (high heels and all) and really loved it. A great family night out!  Jovi kept shouting “Hey! I don’t see the Nutcracker!” She didn’t understand that he is turned into a prince and remains that way throughout the rest of the show. Poor girl. It is not an annual production but we hope to make it a new Christmas tradition whenever it is offered.

Our family was asked to share our Advent/Christmas traditions at KCN last Sunday (there has been a different family testimony each week of Advent.) We struggled with what to share. Since we are still a young family forming our own traditions and having just moved across the ocean, it seems as though our life has been in a perpetual time of transition. But we have decided to keep things simple and do what we can to share the story of Christ’s birth with our children in a real and beautiful way. Presents, feasting and fellowship taste good with the simplicity and beauty of Baby Jesus. (“Aww. He’s so tiny like Luna.” -Jovi, Age 2) We hope that you are enjoying family holiday traditions or forming new ones. Make memories, give thanks and soak up the simple but beautiful story of God’ greatest gift. Mele Kalikimaka from our ohana to yours!


WE ARE EXCITED because we have been reading Reimagining Church and Finding Organic Church by Frank Viola. God is shaping our vision for what our worshiping community here in Waimea may look like.

WE ARE PRAISING the Lord that He is beginning to place people in our path to connect with locally and encourage us. These people may even be a part of our future worshiping community. Who knows!? We had a very encouraging conversation with a local guy last week. He attends a church in Waimea and gets together with a group of people to pray for Waimea on Friday nights! We hope to connect with him again and see where God takes it.

WE ARE PRAYING for God to continue to clearly direct and protect our ministry. This includes time and money management (and provision), family health and endurance for the task ahead. Pray with us as we raise our little family and discern each and every step along the way.

WE ARE THANKFUL for prayers and financial support. We simply cannot do what God has asked us to do without the basic needs of life met for our family of 6. Financial support comes from Tony’s job, Kona Coast Naz church and friends and family who believe in what we are doing on the Kona Coast. Our current need is $1000 per month to make ends meet. Please consider supporting us this year and joining Mission: Kona Coast.

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! (Happy New Year!)

Aloha-The Masons


Donate at:

Write us: [email protected]

Send us mail: OUR NEW ADDRESS 64-5335 Kipahele St. Kamuela, HI 96743

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Nov 27 2014

Home Sweet Home

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Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for YOU.  We give thanks for our NEW HOME IN WAIMEA! God has provided a home for our family in our mission zone and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We moved in November 1st and it was such a smooth transition. Many hands make light work and we have MANY hands. Our KCN ohana showed up, as they always do, to support us and provide the care we need. Colleen’s mom was also here from Michigan. What a blessing and help she was! Moving with a newborn (+3 more kids) can be difficult but Tony organized the troops and Colleen supervised and cheered everyone on. It was a great day! God provided a beautiful home with perfect timing and we are confident he has placed us exactly where he wants us to be. We are on the “green (often called wet) side” of town where it rains often. Our wood burning stove/fireplace keeps us warm on chilly evenings and brisk mornings. Out our dining room window is a stunning veiw of Mauna Kea and the observatories and from our living room window we see rolling hills and ranch land. The girls love watching the cattle walk right up to our backyard fence. “He owns the cattle on a thousand hills…” and He cares for us! We are beginning to see places where God is working and people we are to invest in. Our minds and hearts are often flooding (like our back yard) with ideas, visions, dreams and hopes for ministry in our community.Our hearts are in Waimea and we are excited to see where God is taking us. As we focus on the beauty of Christ and His redeeming love, we know that our priority is our personal relationship with Him and discipeling our children to know and love Him too.Only He will sustain us.

Pray for our family and our ministry as we continue to settle in during our first year here and as we discern our next steps. Printed newsletter coming soon!


Tony & Colleenhawaii

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Oct 15 2014

Mason Ministry Updates: Answered Prayers

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Its been a while since we’ve written updates on our blog. Its been a little crazy around here…to say the least. Thanks for understanding AND for continuing to pray, even when you don’t here from us on a regular basis. We are SO thankful for YOU, our support team. MAHALO!

Since our last blog update…

-We “survived” Hurricane Iselle (August 7th I believe.) Thank you Jesus! It was a little exciting…mostly scary. We lost power for 14 hours. There was an earthquake that morning too. We’re not in Kansas…er Illinois anymore!

-Tony was randomly fired from his farm job (after we had been praying for a better employment opportunity) and within 24 hours, he was interviewed and hired by a large trucking company right in Waimea. Thank you God!

-Colleen survived pregnancy #4! Yay! She was even pampered with a baby shower by ladies from Kona Coast Naz. What a blessing!

At just 38.5 weeks, Luna Iselle (yep, after the hurricane) was born gently at home (in the water) on September 18th at 9:52 pm

6 lbs 8 oz and 20 inches of pure aloha! 😉

The birth was attended by our midwives and two wonderful friends/doulas/assistants who helped with childcare, comfort measures for mama and post-birth food. What a beautiful and precious birth it was! Praise God for his blessing. Luna is now almost 4 weeks old and the big girls are over the moon for her! 😉 We are so thankful for the baby gifts, hot meals and household help we have been covered with over the past month!


-A rental house in Waimea fell into our laps! After posting on a facebook Mommy group about looking for a house, I got a message that one was available. We looked at the house, loved it and agreed to rent it. We sign the lease next week and move into our MISSION ZONE on November 1st! Who doesn’t love moving with a newborn!? What fun! 😉 Colleen’s Mom flies in on October 30 (just in time for the move) and stays until November 17th. Praise God for His unfailing love and provision!

Our life often feels like a hurricane with an earthquake underneath. Unstable ground beneath our feet. There are storms, floods, blood, sweat and tears. But there is LOVE, GRACE and PROVISION from our God. He loves His children and provides for us day after day. He has answered our prayers. We may be uncomfortable, desperate and unsure how we will survive. But learning to trust Him fully is much more important than how comfy we are.

However, we will always do our best to be transparent and honest about the struggles we face. This honesty allows for those who love us to cover us in prayer and encouragement.  We are committed to what He has called us to do in Waimea. No matter what. But we can’t do it alone. We need YOU to support us financially, with prayer and with words of affirmation.

Thank you for the support you have so faithfully provided.


Tony & Colleen (and girls)

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Jun 24 2014

The Enemy Fights Dirty

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To our Team (ie anyone reading this post):


We are SO thankful for the support, prayers and words of encouragement we have received thus far on our journey. There have actually been specific moments where we knew someone was praying for us. What a gift. Thank you.

These past several weeks we have identified that the Enemy is determined to discourage us and cause us to give up…before we even start. We have sensed his negativity, shame, insecurity, discouragement, and downright panic. The expense of living in Hawaii is incredibly high and honestly, even though we knew that going in, it is still such a major adjustment. The Enemy is at work but so is the One True God and we believe with all of our hearts that the Big Island is experiencing revival. We are honored to be involved in such a might work and although it is terrifying, exhausting and unsettling, our God is in control. God has already one the battle! He has called us here and we cling to that during scary times.

We ask that you pray specifically for protection, strength and wisdom as we muddle through this new life. Pray that we will continue to seek the Lord with our finances and that God provides for our needs and our ministry costs. We are also praying for God to send church and family partnerships that will commit to supporting us financially each month.

There are hardly words to express our gratitude to those praying for us and others financially supporting us as Missionary Pastors. MAHALO NUI LOA!  God is good all the time!



The Masons

PS Both big girls are riding bikes without training wheels and enjoying our daily phonics lesson. Jovi turns 2 this week and is now potty trained. 26 weeks along with #4!

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Jun 11 2014

What Support Means

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Support means that this month we were able to pay our electricity bill (around $200 per month here in Hawaii!) Thank you! We were able to enjoy a wonderful anniversary date celebrating 11 years of marriage at a lovely, local cafe. Thank you! We are now planning Jovi’s birthday party…a great way to get to know people by having them over for a meal and its because of your financial support that we are able to do that. Thank you! Our children are quickly growing and we are keeping our eyes peeled at Goodwill and garage sales for little girl clothes. Thank you! Our 2 big girls are also learning to read and write and we are able to purchase homeschool supplies to educate our children at home as God has called us to do. Thank you! We will welcome Baby #4 in about 3 months and will need to do some carseat rearranging in our minivan. This will require purchasing new carseats that can fit 3 across and also an infant carseat for the new baby. Carseats are not cheap. Thank you! Before we moved, we had a huge (very successful) garage sale and sold all of our baby clothes and items. So with this baby, we will be starting fresh and and purchasing (and requesting) some much needed items. Thank you! We are SO thankful God has provided for our needs through faithful people like you. If you have not yet committed to financially supporting us, monthly or with a one time gift, we ask that you consider getting your family involved in Mission: Kona Coast. Your financial gifts allow us to accomplish what God has called us to do…bring His love to a community who desperately needs it.

Mahalo for your financial and prayer support!


The Mason Ohana

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May 26 2014


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Support Team,

If you are a friend or family member, someone praying for us, a church who is cheering us on or financially supporting us we consider you a part of our team. MAHALO! (THANK YOU!) We are excited to share that we are in the planning stages of writing an actual PRINT newsletter. Though our blog and facebook updates are good, we feel that it is our top priority to stay connected with our support system (ie YOU!) on a more regular basis. So, we are hoping to mail out our first edition within the next few months. It will be a great way for you to stay updated on our life and ministry here in Hawaii. We look forward to sharing stories and photos with you! If you want to be sure you are included in our mailing list (or have recently moved), send us an email or fb message. We’d love to hear from you! Mahalo for your kokua.


Mason Ohana

PS Our baby is now the size of a papaya!


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May 19 2014

Things Missionary Kids Say

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Our girls are now 5, 4 and almost 2. Here are some of the funny things they have said…


“Mama, what country are we in?” -Isla

“Hawaii is just as beautiful as I imagined!” -Ruby

“I miss our yellow house in Illinois because of the big trees.” -Isla

“Did we ship this or buy it? Are we going to sell our stuff again?” -Ruby

“This is the best beach eveeeeeeeeer!” -Isla

“I like cockroaches Mom. I think they’re cute!” -Ruby

“Why do the people with dark skin always say yeah?” -Ruby

“Mama, where is the end of the world?” -Isla

“We’re in the middle of the ocean?! Amazing!” -Ruby

(at the Farmer’s Market) “Its smells like kale!” -Isla

(about a gecko) “Can we keep it as a pet?” -Ruby

“No one has to even teach me how to do the hula Mom because I already know how.” -Isla

(smiling with pride) “Mom, did you hear me? I called that little girl’s daddy Uncle.” -Ruby

(after hearing about missionaries on the radio) “Mom, we’re going to tell people about Jesus TOO because we’re missionaries TOO!” -Isla

“Aloooooooha!” -Jovi

Life in Hawaii is not always paradise (kind of like being a parent.)  But when we choose to cherish precious moments with our children, life is good! Thank you for your continued prayers and support.


The Mason Ohana



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Apr 30 2014

Aloha Honoka’a Town

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honokaa town

Honoka’a Town

As many of you know, we moved here to the Big Island (Hilo) back in 2004. I recently read in my journal from that year “expect the unexpected.” What an understatement! I don’t think anything has happened the way we expected it too this time around. No matter how hard to try to rid your mind of ideas and expectations before embarking on an adventure or new endeavor, they remain and are usually incorrect. Having said that, we are thankful God has unexpectedly led us to the small, rural community of Honoka’a where we will make our home. After MANY attempts to rent properties in Waimea (where God has called us to be a missional presence) we have found ourselves in a lovely, 3 bedroom, “post and pier” home in a coastal town about 20 minutes from Waimea.

Honokaa is located on the Big Island’s Hamakua Coast some 40 miles north of Hilo (about 45 miles from Kailua-Kona.) The community is a close-knit one that has roots going back to the sugar plantation days of more than 100 years ago. The plantation is gone, but the town lives on. Honoka’a residents and those living in the surrounding area have proven to be resilient, managing to maintain their unique and cherished lifestyles. Businesses have defied the odds by creating new markets within the community and far beyond.( It is a rural, agriculturally-based town full of farmers and cowboys (paniolo) and a mixed plate of island people. Honoka’a is just 10 miles from the breathtaking and popular tourist spot Waipio Valley (Tony’s favorite place on the planet.) At the bottom of the valley is a black sand beach (the beach closest to our house) accessible by 4 wheel drive only. Thankfully we have a 4 wheel drive truck!

Moving day was April 21st and what a day! Our shipment of household goods arrived and although they were three hours late, we rejoiced and took pictures as the truck pulled in the driveway. A group from Kona Coast Naz dedicated their time, some of them the entire day, to helping us move in, unpack and put together furniture. We enjoyed a local style lunch and hot malasadas at the famous Tex Drive Inn which is located just around the bend from our home.

A few days before our move, we received an email about a labor position at a local farm. We had emailed many adds on Craigslist in the previous weeks so this email reading “Are you still interested in farm work?” came as a pleasant surprise!  They asked Tony to show up for a “trial day” and  he is in his second week of working for an organic farm right in Waimea! He enjoys a beautiful fifteen minute commute and is working about 20 hours per week. So far, he has brought home cabbage, daikon radishes and broccoli. Praise God for His provision!

Our time and conversation is spent getting into a family routine and settling into the Waimea/Honoka’a community. Consider all of the places you do life outside of your home…bank, dentist, chiropractor, grocery store, etc. We look forward to trips to the farmer’s market and  the library (its GREAT for such a small town!) Tony just finished reading the local newspaper Hamakua Times which gave us a glimpse into the heart of the people and news about events happening around town.


Your prayers and support mean so very much! Your involvement in our ministry reminds us of the perfect unity God desires for the body of Christ. We consider you a part of our “team” and although miles away, we consider you ohana (family.)  Though moving is stressful and changing just about everything about our previous life has been overwhelming at times, we cling to our calling and the promises God has in His word. Mahalo and aloha!

On Mission Together,

Tony & Colleen Mason (& keiki)

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Apr 11 2014

Hale Sweet Hale

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We are excited to share that God has provided a home for us! It is not when or where we expected but isn’t that just like our God? To care for us in ways that are better and far greater than we can imagine!? Our house is in Honoka’a town, a town just outside of Waimea. Our moving date is April 21st. We have scheduled our container of household goods to be delivered to the house that morning. Currently we are living in a short-term vacation rental (week-to-week) just across the “hall” from our new, dear friends from KCN. Next week, we will be staying in the home of another KCN family while they visit the mainland and are egg-cited to enjoy fresh eggs from their chickens. -Get it? 😉 Tony is continually looking for a part time job that will suit our needs and hopefully will not include a 1.5 commute to Kona everyday. Please continue to pray with us and for us. We cannot thank you enough for your ALOHA during this transition.


The Masons

PS 16 weeks pregnant tomorrow! Our baby is just bigger than a lemon. 🙂

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Mar 26 2014

Pray With Us

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Friends, Family, Support Team,

We are in URGENT need of prayer. We are asking that tomorrow morning, Thursday, March 27th you commit to praying and/or fasting with us and on our behalf for 48 hours. Our family needs a home of our own…in our mission zone (Waimea.) We know our God is the Great Provider and that he is a God of miracles. Well, we need a miracle. Since we have arrived, we feel our mission and ministry has been on hold simply because we cannot get into the place God has called us. Yes, we are attending KCN and getting to know folks there but our hearts are in Waimea. We are in desperate need of our own space. A place where our girls can play and sleep in their own beds. Space for Tony to have his necessary, daily alone time. A home for me to make (since I am a homemaker) and a place for hospitality to happen.

A place where we can invite people to the heart of God and say E Komo Mai! (welcome,come in)

In a few days our container of belongings will arrive on the Big Island and we would really like to avoid storing it (and paying to do so.) Wouldn’t it be great if God provided a house just in time!? We know He can do that and honestly, we are asking for just that-a miracle, just in time. Our deepest desire is to be faithful. And right now being faithful means praying with faith and asking for you to do the same. We can’t thank you enough for your love, support, words of encouragement and commitment to praying with us and for us.

Trusting Him,

Colleen & Tony

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